Maintaining a garden takes time and effort, in the past, that may have been an obstacle for you considering installing one. Our farmers know what it takes to keep your garden productive and beautiful, and so we offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance packages to fit your needs.

For those do-it yourselfers that would just like us to lend a hand to get started, or you need our farmers’ advice along the way, hourly consultation services are available. Sow easy. Grow easy. Farmyard

Our maintenance services can include:
   • Weeding
   • Pruning & training
   • Fertilizing
   • Organic methods of pest control
   • Checking the watering system for efficiency
   • Harvesting of your crops when ripe

Consulting services can include:
   • Site location
   • Soil testing
   • Irrigation optimization
   • Pest identification
   • Developing a composting system
   • Seasonal planting advice
   • Shade protection