When you select Farmyard’s installation services, our farmers will make an appointment with you to review the information received on your farm planner. At that time we will do a site consultation to get a clear picture of your expectations for your food garden. Together we walk the intended garden area noting sun exposure, watering systems and construction accessibility. We then focus on the number of different custom installation options we have available. Lastly, the most important element of your farm planning is to concentrate on the types of produce your family loves to eat! Why bother growing cabbage if you’ll never eat it?! We have a large selection of organic heirloom vegetables, fruits, and herbs to choose from. Our main goal is your garden’s productivity and your personal enjoyment.
It’s fun. It’s family. It’s Farmyard!

Farm Planning Tip:
   • Our farmers suggest using this calculation:
                One 6’x6‘ square of gardening area per adult
                One 4’x4’ square per child under 12

Farmer Fred’s family of four consists of two adults and two children – so his garden would be a 10’x10’ square or approximately 100 square feet of growing space.