Founded in 2009 by two sisters, Rebecca and Sarah Kidwell, Farmyard stands for the principles of self-reliant food production. They recognized that the current methodology of conventional commercial agriculture toward pesticide usage, genetically modified foods¸ and ‘food miles’, was a growing concern to themselves and their surrounding community. They knew that educated consumers were more frequently asking, “Where and how was this grown?” and “What is the time from farm to market?” In order to feed their two families, they expanded Rebecca’s existing backyard organic produce garden to utilize her front yard. The excitement expressed by the surrounding neighbors and local community members passing by planted the seed for the mission of Farmyard.
Our philosophy is simple. Grow locally. Produce organically. Eat well.

(title given to her from a CSA client)

Sarah is in charge of our CSA weekly produce baskets that we deliver to feed over 50+ families every week. She is passionate about her urban farm and gardens and does talk to her plants on almost a daily basis. With a background in customer service and sales, she is whom you will be in contact with for the duration of your CSA subscription with Farmyard. Sarah, in addition to her superb growing skills, is the only one of us that is super tech savvy and therefore is in charge of our online store as well.

(title given to her from a client)

Rebecca has been getting her hands dirty since she was a little girl. With hands on experience growing gardens for over 30 years whether in pots on an apartment balcony, to now her entire property in the front and back yards. She now also has chickens and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for milk. While her background is in culinary arts and business and she has taken that knowledge from the hospitality dinner plate and went even further on her quest to connect with food. She is now back to the garden soil. She will be the Farmyard team member that you meet with initially to start your garden plans and will be your guide along your way to growing your own successful garden for yourself and to share with family and friends.

(title given to him by Rebecca & Sarah)

Troy is the gentleman farmer that will be on-site with you making sure your garden is getting installed correctly. With over 30 years of construction experience, you are in excellent hands. Troy is an expert at fixing just about anything and leads a crew of 3 other men that will install your garden with ease. He also is our favorite “mad-scientist” of sorts. He is always coming up with creative new things for the gardens from vegetable trellis systems to our telescoping pest protection for our garden beds.